When life deals you a losing hand or a tragic circumstance, Pat Todd and his band understand what you are going through and give you something that motivates you to keep on living while having a good rocking time.

The album stars off with “ All The Years#1” which is a great song that could be about trying to find peace while being alone. The second song “ Cheap Nostalgia” which has a Carl Perkins vibe could be about living in the past. This is unadulterated and primal rocknroll that taps its source( pun intended) from the first two albums of Pat Todd’s previous band. There are some slower and old style country tunes like “ Read ‘Em And Weep”, “ Nothing But Excuses” and “ Get Up On It”. I could really relate on a personal level to their soulful cover of “ Turn Back The Hands Of Time” and the heartfelt powerful “ Way Deep Down In Your Heart”. “ Say Hello To Mystery” and “ True Romance” are full throttle rocknroll that would be great to hear sometime in a crowded bar or roadhouse. The crowd would really enjoy these songs and the other ones mentioned. The other songs that I did not mention are worth a listen.

When you are feeling heartbroken, sad and alone-someone knows how you are feeling and writes the words that you think but cannot say out loud. This is what a great songwriter does with a great band playing beside him. He and the band make you forget your troubles and give you hope that there is still some great rocknroll to be discovered and played. It’s simple but effective and what this person needs to hear.

Whenever I think I am done with writing, I wait a few days until the muse or some other kind of inspiration compels me to create an essay, poem or story. It’s easy to take something from your real life and disguise it as fiction, it is much harder to use your imagination and create a fictional world. I prefer the challenge of the latter but the former is useful in certain situations. What should I write about now? Keep reading as I try to find the answer to that question,

Sitting on a black bench below a blue sky with white puffy clouds, the grass is freshly mowed and the shrubbery is freshly landscaped, I am watching men and women, couples and families walking along with their pets along the path of Oak Tree Park in Colony Hill. The park received its name from having the oldest oak tree in the city located within its borders. A man with long brown hair, green eyes and a bushy beard is walking towards me. He is wearing a faded shirt with a logo of a well known beer and tattered jeans that were not bought that way but worn until the jeans looked that way. “ Uh-oh, it’s another panhandler approaching.” I’m thinking to myself. As he moves closer, I begin to recognize him. It’s a former classmate from high school, Randy Martin.

Back in the past, Randy Martin was always at the top of the honor roll, a natural athlete, his personality was outgoing and friendly, he seemed to have it all. He received an athletic scholarship at a prestigious university out west. He excelled at track until a hit and run driver ran into him as he was crossing the street. He may have physically recovered but mentally-he was not the same. He lost his scholarship, left school and moved back home with his parents . He battled addictions , won a battle and lost another. He gave up alcohol but was addicted to pain pills. What brought him joy in his tragedy of a life was music. You’ve heard of Deadheads( fans of the Grateful Dead), Parrotheads( fans of Jimmy Buffet) or metal heads( fans of heavy metal or hard rock) . He was neither of those , he was a huge fan of Fleetwood Mac,, the era before Lindsay Buckingham with Stevie Nicks and all the hits. This was when they were a hard rocking blues band with songs like “ The Green Manalishi ” and “ Oh, Well”. Later, they would change lineups and have a poppier and more jazzier sound with songs like “ Hypnotized” and “ Sentimental Lady”. My friend, Frankie, who shopped at Essential Records told me about this man who knew so much about early Fleetwood Mac. The person he described matched my memory of Randy Martin.

“Hey Tim. How you have you been doing?” Randy says and smiles at me. He is waiting for a response. “ Not much, just taking a break from walking and writing in my journal. How about you? “ Here it comes. He is going to tell me sad stories about his life and ask me for money. “ You probably don’t remember this , when I was in the hospital, you sent me a card that encouraged me. Whenever I felt like times were tough or I was in a dark place, your words gave me light and hope.” “ You are welcome but you could have done it without me. I mean, you were someone who I admired for their achievements.” I responded. “ I still have that card, just wanted to thank you for the encouragement. Randy looks at me and asks, “ What are you doing now?” “ I’m teaching creative writing at Colony Hill College.” Randy replies, “ This would make a good story, two classmates seeing each other again.” He walks off and I remember the conversation. Now, you know how I find my stories, sometimes they come from out of thin air.

Rivertown seems to have a bad reputation, sure it has crime and some rough or sketchy neighborhoods. Ours are more obvious than others. There are some good neighborhoods and people in Rivertown, One has to take the time to know the people and the right areas. Rivertown is not as gentrified as Colony Hill but the houses are still affordable and the rent is cheaper. We’re down to earth people just trying to make a living. The downtown has one or two upscale restaurants and more casual places like diners or cafes or street corner bars where people can hang out and have a good time.

I walk into Dupont’s Diner and head to the counter where I take a seat and order, Dupont’s Diner is the oldest restaurant in town, opening up near the end of the Great Depression It’s opened all day and night, where some of the artists, musicians , and nearby residents hang out due to its food being cheap but good. The ceiling has fans that whirl around, faded yellow paint on the walls and worn faux tiles on the floor . There are booths near the counter and tables in between the booths and the counter. Laminated menus are on the table with rolled up silverware in cloth napkins. There are waitresses and waiters who go from table to table, taking and delivering orders, presenting customers with the amount that they have to pay. I have the house special which is a beef brisket sandwich with lettuce, tomato and onions that has a sauce made with mustard and black peppers along with a side salad . I like to occasionally eat healthy .

The door opens and a tallish light skinned man enters. His name is Frankie and he is one of my closest friends, He was a music critic for the local newspaper. When the newspaper was bought by another company, it was downsized and he was let go, He writes music reviews that appear in his blog and in his video channel on the internet. He sits next to me, smiles and says, “ How have you been doing?”. I say, “ I’m still here, that must mean I’m doing good.” He laughs and likes my remark, “ That’s always good to hear, how is your writing going?” I respond , “ I’m working on something new, thinking about writing about the neighborhood. People seem to be enjoying my stories .” Frankie gets a serious look on his face. He might be acting. He says, “ Just be careful, you don’t want to upset the wrong people. I don’t want to watch one of those crime shows and see you as the victim.” “ You won’t have to worry about that, I’m trying to show Rivertown in a more positive way”. Frankie’s demeanor becomes more relaxed. “ We need that, something to show that murder and double murder does not define us. It’s only the criminal element that causes trouble. The rest of us lead ordinary and normal lives. “ “ Well said, my friend, I agree.” I say this to Frankie as the waitress delivers my bill. It’s just another day in Rivertown .

Walk up the metal steps and open up the glass doors, step inside, it is trivia night.. When one goes inside, tables for four or more are situated next to each other. Sitting at a table is similar to finding a seat while holding a tray while eating lunch at a high school cafeteria. Some seats are taken, , others give one a look that one is not welcome at their table. Just when one is about to walk out the door and find something else to do for the evening, something surprising happens. two people smile and say that one can sit at their table.

The two people, one with brown hair and the other with dirty blonde hair, began talking with the person who just joined them. He asked them if they could be on their team and they said “Yes!”. They started talking and having fun. The man in charge kept announcing that trivia time was about to begin. He gave 30, 15, and five minute warnings before the game. Players had to select a team and obey the rules.. Teams could not use their electronic devices to find answers or yell out the answer after the question was asked. However being located in a bar, some teams found ways to break the rules and avoid detection. Teams filled out pieces of paper with the answer and placed them in a small red tray that was to the right of the announcer who was standing up in front. Each question had a certain number of points, the first round was one, three , or five. The second round was two, four or six. The final round, a team could wager fifteen points. If one was smart, the less confident one was about the answer, the less points one would wager. . The more confident one was about the answer, the more points one would wager. Teams would discuss and then decide how many points they would wager on a question.

The two people and their new teammate were having a lively conversation filled with humor and friendly banter back and forth. It is similar to what a musician or comedian is feeling on stage, the band or comedian is improvising and everyone is connecting by giving each other positive energy, there is perfect timing and response. The person who has joined the two people wonders why this does not happen more frequently in his life. Later, several friends of the two people joined them at the table. This provided a humorous exchange of words. One woman was complaining that one of her female friends charged them for a bridesmaid’s dress or made them pay for something that should have not been part of their expense. She said it was a dick move by the other person. The new teammate responded, “ Technically, it is not a dick move.” They all laughed and talked and joked about something else. Everyone felt comfortable and everyone was having fun.

Meanwhile as the team and other teams were having fun, the trivia game had begun. The announcer would ask the question and the question would be shown on a television screen so people playing in the building could read the questions if they could not hear it. One of the questions was “ La Marsellaise” is the national anthem of what country? The team with the two people and their new teammate answered correctly, the correct answer was France. One question that the new teammate knew that might have impressed his teammates was which country’s embassy gave political asylum to Julian Assange while he was in London? The correct answer was Ecuador. The two people gave correct answers, they knew that “ bask” was a correct term of a gathering of crocodiles. They also knew the name of songs of performers who were younger than the new teammate. Also, they had patience and forgiveness when the new teammate thought he knew the answer but was incorrect. He now knows that Joe DiMaggio was the first athlete mentioned in Billy Joel’s song “ We Didn’t Start The Fire . The newest branch of the military, Space Force, was accused of borrowing their logo from Star Trek. Next time, he will know the correct answers. As someone pointed out, “ If there were no losers, there would be no winners. “ We all make mistakes sometimes, just do better next time.

At the end of the trivia game, the two people with their new teammate wagered the most points on the final answer. They awaited the results. There were twenty teams involved in tonight’s game. Some of the teams had funny names like “ This Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem” or were based on characters or quotes from movies such as “ You’re Killing Me, Smalls” and “ Dumbledores”. As the final rankings were being announced, some would cheer or groan about their performance. They had several prizes, gift cards for the various restaurants inside. The announcer ranked the final scores and standings of the top three teams, the two people and their new teammate placed second . For their efforts, they were rewarded a gift card for ten dollars. Out of kindness , the two people gave the gift card to the new teammate The new teammate thanked them and quickly left, he walked outside and headed home. He was also afraid that they would change their mind and want their card back. The new teammate appreciated their thoughtfulness and hospitality towards him. Sometimes, when someone decides to take a chance and has an enjoyable time with people who make the other person feel comfortable, one can forget their troubles and have something that they can remember which makes them smile. The old saying is true, a small act of kindness can have a big positive impact on someone, be that person.

They finally caught up with me, tackled me to the ground and handcuffed me. I gave them quite a chase, through backyards and over fences , I ended up on the sidewalk in front of a house where the people who lived there had been awakened by the noise and wanted to see what was happening. You got your entertainment for tonight.

“ Ya got something’ I can buy?” I asked the shaved head kid who had a goatee and wore a Harley shirt with dirty jeans. He carried a backpack which had his supply of drugs, mostly pills and marijuana. If he didn’t have any drugs with him, he used the backpack to do secret shopping at a supermarket . Bones replied, “ Let me check my backpack.”. He opens up the backpack and takes out some marijuana in a small bag. I hand over the money and the deal is made. I’m on my way. Tonight is trivia at the local sports bar and I have to chill before I play against other teams. It’s not a televised game show but it gives me bragging rights, even if the only person who cares about the outcome is me. See, years ago, I was doing well in high school, I took all those advanced placement courses, thought I would get a scholarship but somehow my application got lost in the mail. I had to settle for courses at the community college in Rivertown. My family had high hopes for me. I did too. Eventually, you lower your expectations and try your best to make it through the day. I do have a job , I am a busboy at one of those hip restaurants downtown.

The houses in this section of Rivertown have not been fixed up and remodeled. Most of the houses have peeling paint and metal fences with no trespassing signs. They have dogs but not the cute snuggly kind, Doberman Pinschers and pit bulls. You cross their paths, you’re more likely to get bit and mauled. When this happens, the owners don’t try to control their dogs or help you, they laugh at you and keep drinking. The house I live on is on the corner of Market and Attucks street. It is a one story house with several rooms, mine is nearest the kitchen and bathroom, guess who gets first choice at food or getting a shower with hot water. I have several roommates. It’s me, my girlfriend, my girlfriend’s friend who got the house when her Aunt died – her family helps her pay the taxes and most of the rent. The other roommate is the boyfriend of my girlfriend’s friend who usually just comes over and hangs out by playing video games or watching the basketball games on the television. His name is Big Joe and his girlfriend is named Donna. My girlfriend’s name is Anita. Oh, I have been talking so much, I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Luke Randolph.

Big Joe was sitting in the front room watching a basketball game, he bet some of his money on the game, he was hoping to cover the spread. He was intently watching the game. Anita and Donna were out partying at one of those hole in the wall nightclubs that were in one of those strip malls outside of town. I was trying to get some sleep, I had to work the breakfast shift tomorrow and might have to help in the kitchen- doing some prep work that might lead to a promotion. Between the commentators talking, Big Joe yelling at the screen and the commercials appearing during the breaks, the noise was bothering me . I had a gun hidden underneath the bed, it wasn’t loaded, I thought I would take the gun out and tell Big Joe to turn it down. He would do what I asked and I’d sleep. In the morning, we’d laugh about the argument. Unfortunately, it didn’t end that way. I put on my sweatpants and carried the gun with me to the front room. The room was lit by the television screen and the light coming from the back of the kitchen. “ Bruh, turn it down!” , I told Big Joe . He looked at me and laughed, “ Whatcha gonna do about it?” I pointed the gun at his chest, thinking the gun was unloaded, there was one bullet left that hit him in the chest. He starts gasping for air and manages to say. “ Why did you do that?”. He then goes unconscious. I should have called 911 but I was scared and ran outside onto the sidewalk where I kept running away from the scene. Unknown to me, some minutes later, Donna and Anita returned from their night out and found Big Joe sitting dead in his favorite chair.

It did not take long for the police to find me. Anita called 911 and was concerned because I wasn’t there . She knew about the gun. First, the police came to the house and gathered evidence. An all points bulletin was put out on a certain Luke Randolph who might be in possession of a firearm. A patrol car noticed someone matching my description . He called for backup . Then, he left his car and chased after me. We ran this way and that until I slipped and fell. He and a few others finally caught up to me and tackled me. I had dropped the gun a few blocks back but they had found it. As they tackled me to the ground, the plastic bag I had purchased from Bones fell out. It was a bad end to a good day.

I thought things would be different,

love would come and decide to stay,

sunshine instead of cloudy day.

I have same feeling- caught in the rain.

I’m here but they’re gone somewhere else.

Maybe, they’ll change their mind , turn around,

while I’m waiting for morning light.

I thought what we had was real,

unlike some dreams that disappear ,

want to hold close but we let go.

Helps us cope, gives us hope, fears

raise doubt and suspicion-lose trust.

Brings us back to that lonely feeling

where we’re waiting for morning light.

We’re here not knowing what to do,

at home or a late rendezvous ,

a sleepless night- we’ve had a few .

We can spend our lives worryin’ about

the future or live in the past ,

never taking chances right now

when we’re waiting for morning light.

Sometimes, what we need is right there

before us if we open eyes.

Dream we’re chasing comes to us now.

Have patience and give it some time,

lonely rainy nights will fade away .

Two strangers who will become friends.

We’ll find our way through this strange maze

as we take in the morning light.

It happens to artists , .musicians and writers. The one piece that was not meant to be taken seriously becomes what everyone likes or knows about the artist, musician or writer. Sometimes, the better painting, song or story gets overlooked . Such is the case with Willis Alan Ramsey who released his one and only album in 1972, it is album filled with songs that were covered by Waylon Jennings, Jimmy Buffett, Widespread Panic and others. His most well known song from this album is “ Muskrat Candlelight” which became a minor hit for America and a major hit for Captain& Tennille when the title was changed to “ Muskrat Love”. The song is about two rats having a dinner and a romantic encounter was either the soundtrack of one’s life or the bane of one’s existence in the seventies. Originally , the song written and performed by Willis Alan Ramsey was a fun, jaunty and playful song that was silly but had a memorable melody . Later versions, this is just my opinion, were mainly focused on the title chorus and lost all of its original charm. This essay will not be about that song but the song that begins his debut album , “ Ballad of Spider John”.

“ Ballad Of Spider John” is a captivating song about a small time robber who is running away from his past and gets caught in his own web of lies or crimes. It is also about finding and losing love. This is a great example of a robbery ballad. The song has character, depth, great lyrical content and memorable chord structure. This is the song that Waylon Jennings should have covered or modern country artists like Eric Church or Jason Isbell should cover this song . The song was covered by Jimmy Buffett in the seventies and did not do much on the charts. It is a shame because this song is as good as contemporaries like John Prine or Guy Clark. Again, this is my opinion. Willis Alan Ramsey’s debut album is long out of print and hard to find on compact disc. Lucky for us in the Internet age, one can listen to his album on YouTube or stream his music. One can decide for themselves if this song is a lost classic that needs to be rediscovered . One does not have to convince me.

How did a woman from the islands end up in Colony Hill? After finishing secondary school while living in Cidade Do Saudade, I did well on my exams to be admitted to a Universidade on the mainland where I studied medicine, specifically Behavioral Health. After graduating , it was hard to find work in my own country so I emigrated to another country across the water. Colony Hill Hospital was having a hard time finding staff in my specialized field so I applied and was accepted.

I found a reasonably priced apartment. located near the hospital, I lived on the second story, it came furnished with a couch, wooden table, shelves near the wall, a small kitchen that had a microwave and stove with cabinets on either side of it with faux granite counters and a refrigerator. There was a bathroom with a mirror , shower, vanity sink and toilet . Most importantly, a bed where I can sleep after a long day at work. There were light fixtures on the ceiling, in the bathroom, and on tables near the couch and in my bedroom. An intricately designed carpet laid over the wooden floors of the living room. There were windows that were covered by drapes and blinds. I brought most of belongings, photos of my family from back home. My favorite clothes were in a closet adjoining the bedroom. I had some albums by Ceasaria Evora as well as Lady Gaga. Though I spoke Portuguese, some of my favorite writers were Spanish, Arturo Perez Reverte and an obscure writer/ philosopher who wrote an entertaining and surreal book called “ Mist “ or “ Fog”.

During the first week working at the hospital, I met a nurse who worked there named Matilde. We began talking and I found out that we had much in common. Her great grandmother came from the Islands and emigrated to the northeast during one of the many droughts. We enjoyed reading books and listening to music . We both dealt with adversity or tragedy, her mother had recently passed away. She was sad and her voice would quiver when she talked about her mother. “ I should have been there” said Matilde. “ I’m sure she knew you were thinking about her while you worked, mi amiga” I tried to make her feel better. “ I might have some idea of what you are experiencing. My parents were flying to my graduation at the Universidade. They saved up money, they could only purchase two tickets so my sister ( mi Irma) had to stay behind and take care of the house. The island is notorious for its crosswinds, its effects are more noticeable on the airplanes arriving to or departing from the airport. As the plane ascended, there was a crosswind that surprised the pilot. The pilot lost control and the plane crashed , My parents did not survive”. “ Oh , that’s horrible, I’m so sorry to hear that” said Matilde , “ it did not end there, My sister was so inconsolable that she jumped off a cliff.” Now, my voice was doing the same thing as Matilde’s when she talked about her mother. Matilde did not say nothing, she listened intently and held out her hand to comfort me. I continued talking, “ This is why I wanted to study and work in the field of Behavioral Health, to help people cope, understand and hopefully handle their emotional issues.” Matilde added, “ Your family would be proud of your accomplishments. You have graduated and moved to another country where you had to learn a new language.” “ True, mi amiga, this is why I have never returned to the islands. It would bring back too many bad memories and it is expensive to fly back there. What happened to my parents could happen to me.” Matilde offered some encouragement and advice. “ Well, you could write about the Island , Focus on the good things. “ I replied, “ That might be a good idea, obrigado or thank you.”

Thinking about the past or remembering where I lived gave me sadness, a feeling of Saudade. Cidade Do Saudade became my personal city of sorrow. As the years pass, I can look back with fondness and focus on the good things like what we did when were young. Later, I saved up my money, returned back to the island, it was exactly how I remembered it from my youth . The crosswinds were not that strong, the plane arrived and departed safely.. A stranger chose to listen and offer encouragement and wise words, this small act made a big difference in my life. I am eternally grateful to my friend for inspiring me to write my story.

A couple is deciding what to play on their stereo or device. The woman wants something relaxing that will her help concentrate on her various Yoga positions. The man enjoys his guitar solos,. He is a fan of Carlos Santana, David Gilmour and Robin Trower. They make a compromise and choose this album, It s a great album, she can meditate and do Yoga and he can enjoy the guitar solos. Another day or evening spent at home, made more enjoyable by a memorable recording.

This is proof that one cannot judge an album or book by its cover. The cover art is heavily influenced by Roger Dean who did the artwork for many albums by Yes. The music within sounds nothing like Yes. comparisons could be made to Steely Dan especially the track “ Seven Dreams.” with its lyrics and mood resembling “ Black Cow”. The guitar work by Andy Glass on this track is worth repeated listens. The aforementioned guitarists would probably admire his performance. The solo has soul and beauty and fits the song perfectly. The violin or fiddle playing by Jenny Newman throughout the album is exceptional. The opening track “ Shout “ and the chant at the end of the re-recording of “ Cheyenne” would not sound out of place on an album by Santana. “ Long Gone” and “ Love Is Coming” are the softer and folkier tracks on the album but are the ones I would recommend strongly as the first tracks to play to someone who has not heard the band. It’s not bossa nova but it sounds like if Antonio Jobim and Pentangle wrote a song together . Great background music for doing exercise, meditation or Yoga, I mean that as a compliment. “ Stand Up” has lyrics that have a positive message and engaging music to make the listener not notice how much time has passed during the song. When it’s over, one wants to play it again and again. “ New Day” is a great way to close an exceptional album.

Solstice has been playing music for forty years and released several albums with various lineups. Their best days are not behind them. Judging from this recording, this may be their best work to date. A fusion of various music styles that combine successfully to make an album of enjoyable and memorable songs.

They called it Montanha Verde, though the grass was often brown due to the lack of rain , there had been a drought this year. The winding dirt paths led up to the summit where a lighthouse stood overlooking the sea.

Down below were the Mediterranean style houses with the red roofs, horizontal and vertical were the narrow streets where villagers walked or drove their vehicles to shop, work or walk into the neighborhood cafe or restaurant. One could still see half submerged shipwrecks if one happened to be standing on the shore or relaxing on the beach sand . Felix Coelho was talking to his friend Joao Silva, He asked him” Wonder what caused those shipwrecks ?” Joao answered” Certain shipping companies will sink their ship so they can collect insurance, it is a fairly common practice”. “ Some of those ships seem smaller. I like to imagine that they were sunk by submarines during that war that happened years ago. You were so close to the port and then bam! You’re dead and gone but your ghost haunts the rocks near the strand.” Joao looked at Felix with a of amusement, “ Felix, you have a vivid imagination. You might have sipped too many glasses of port wine.” “ Joao, you are wrong my friend, just thinking out loud. The friends talked some more and then went their separate ways, they would meet up another day and talk about whatever comes mind or what had happened to them.

The lighthouse operator was an older man who had a wife and family, they lived in the adjoining house. Antonio Fernandes, the lighthouse operator, had green eyes, graying hair and a beard . . He appeared burly and tough but was kindhearted and known for his gregarious personality with a hearty laugh. His wife , Carolina, took care of the home and their daughters who were named Ana and Maria. She was younger than he but not by much. She had curly brown hair and brown eyes with a Mona Lisa smile. Antonio’s job seemed simple but it was complex and important. Ships with their captain , cargo and crew depended on him to help navigate the waters and make sure they made it safely to shore. His father and his grandfather had been lighthouse operators. He might be last one in his family to do this work. The country’s navy was going to take over , they would provide modern computerized equipment which would hopefully lead to less human error, though sometimes computers malfunctioned and made mistakes. Over the years, Antonio had made a few mistakes. After eating cockles, paella and imbibing wine, he fell asleep and the light was not brightening up the sky above the water. Without the light, the ship careened in the darkness and hit a sandbar, becoming stranded. Luckily, the crew was able to make it safely back to land and to where they were docked. . Antonio promised himself , he would not make the same mistake next time.

Antonio and his family bought their food at the outside fish and seafood market where the smells from the latest catches from the nets filled the air. Joao and Felix worked there. They sold , cleaned and wrapped up the fish that rhe family would bring home. “ Papa, , why’ can’t we eat something other than cockles, fish or homemade stew?” Ana asked her father. She continued to talk, “ On the other island in San Sebastián , there is a supermarket and fast food chains, we could have so many choices. Plus, they have better clothing stores and ways to be connected with others around the world.” Antonio replied “ Mi Filha, you are living the way your grandparents and parents did. They may have more than us, we can experience our culture and traditions firsthand . To them , how we live is quaint and a distant memory to them, “ Ana resembled her mother and inherited her wit and devilish smirk. She told her father, “ I’d rather have the convenience than keep reliving this experience.” Instead of becoming angry , Antonio gave his daughter a wink and smile, “ Someday, you will go to the Universidad and miss this and us.”

Beneath the constellations and moon of a night sky and the azure blue sky of the day resides the inhabitants of a coastal village surrounded by the sea. Their lives are imagined and examined . Some of it is truth and some of it fictional . My father was right, sometimes I feel saudade or sorrow when I remember growing up in the village. I moved away and never returned, that was many years ago. Then, I remember something my parents said or did and it makes me smile. Cidade Do Saudade becomes a happier place. The past always seems better, the further one goes away from it.