Get those ideas from the brain-experiences and imagination, just stare at the blank page and begin typing,, words appear,, that is how the process goes. What shouldI I write now? If I write about friends, they will recognize the memories and be wary of talking with me-lest they want to be mentioned in the future. If I make something up, have to make it seem realistic so that whoever reads might think what I write could happen. On the other hand, have to add something so it might not seem too true- embellish a few details or make it seem like a dream. Nothing really happened, just filling in space. What I am doing now, waiting for something to come from somewhere, an action that would cause a reaction- crying, laughter or empathy.  This could come from an awkward situation that everyone has experienced or a sudden unexpected loss or a familiar scene that reminds the reader of their childhood or where they live or someone they know. 

   Once upon a time in a land far away or  in a place nearby, a writer muses, hoping to find inspiration from whatever is around him or her. He or she could be facing a sunset, watching the waves break and water rushes onto the beach sand that is almost white in color, the tide begins.  Another scene, he or she could be sitting in a cafe or restaurant or bar,  having a cup of mocha or a glass of wine, looking out  at the tree lined streets and the different kinds of people walking past , wondering what stories are going on in their lives.  The sky could go from clear blue to dark,  storm moves through ,  rain falls or wind blows, people seek shelter or take out their umbrellas or if the wind is really strong-umbrellas are blown inside out. Add a person to the scene and there is a conversation, could be friendly with people smiling and nodding and seeming interested in what the other is saying. Something could happen,  voices rise. There is an argument, people disagreeing, one yelling at another. Someone walks away and soneone sits alone. Or a different settting, someone could be out in the country walking along a two lane road located in a valley  of green grass near a mountain. Someone could walk up that mountain  where the road twists and turns until one reaches the top. Then, one looks out and sees the green valley with other mountains and trees.. There are barns, animals and people below. The most important part of the story is the end.  There has to be an ephhany or a point in the story preferably happy so the reader feels that he or she has not wasted their time by reading this. Also, there has to be a quote tthat the reader remembers like words appeared then disappeared-this is how a story ends. He, said ” Hello”. She said ” Goodbye”. The writer is left to muse.