Sometimes something good comes out of something bad or unpleasant. I had this very uninspiring college professor, he seemed to overcriticize my work. Other students said he gave me a hard time in his class , it wasn’t my imagination. A Business Management class I took at the University of Maryland on Okinawa would have a Professor who would show up and decide not to have class. He did not use the textbook. Also, he was not that great of a teacher. He wondered why half the class was failing .I spoke out about this to the head of the University but nobody listened. Also, due to a medical situation, I thought it would be in my best interest to withdraw from the University of Maryland on Okinawa. This was not an easy decision and one I do not regret.  Another thing that happened was I bought a compact disc player. The summer of 1991 was interesting . The second job I worked was at an  Obstetrics/GynecologyClinic at the Camp Lester Naval Hospital.I This was a summer hire program .  Before computers, information about a patient would be on pieces of paper called chits, someone had to sort and file these pieces of paper, this was my job.  Through talking with the doctors, I had a better understanding of women’s health and the consequences of having sex. I enjoyed doing office work and  working with people.  The doctors and staff were appreciative of my work. Unfortunately, the hospital on Camp Lester is now permanently closed and a new hospital is open on Camp Foster.  A few months later , I decided to withdraw from the University Of Maryland and began looking for work. Back then, there were retail stores that sold  recorded music and stereo systems.  The retail music store at the Army and Air Force Exchange needed an employee and I thought I was the man for the job. For those who are unfamiliar with the Exchange, it was the military version of Target or Wal Mart.  I remember the interview . I asked the interviewers to ask me about any artist and they asked me about RUN-DMC . I proceeded to give a lengthy answer about their first self titled album and their work with Aerosmith. They gave me the job so I would stop talking, just joking. I was hired and began working in December.. My job was to put the newest releases or older recordings on the shelves and when the store was out of an item to let someone know so that they could reorder music. Additionally, I talked to customers. I learned about different kinds of music from my customers. Before downloading or streaming music, a way to discover old and new music was  for someone to make you a mixtape that might include songs of one or several artists. Through my customers, I was introduced to  Puerto Rican salsa music, Jawbox, Husker Du, Taj Mahal, Melvins Diamond Head, Santana, S.O. S. Band , early Commodores and Stevie Wonder. An example of how eclectic my taste was in 1991, a mixtape I made for myself had All About Eve, Univers Zero, Clawhammer, Meat Puppets and The Strawbs.  My customers contributed to my expanding musical taste and collection. The money made from working was used to buy music at  Fukuhara Music and Teruya Music which were Okinawan stores that had a better selection. I remember hearing John Coltrane’s version of ” My Favorite Things”in Norfolk,  Virginia and loving his rendition of the song from ” The Sound Of Music”. I found  John Coltrane’s ” My Favorite Things” at a compact disc store in Okinawa. Also. I found an album by The Stalin, a Japanese band that was on my playlist when I  was a guest disc jockey at MaximumRockNRoll in 1984. This was not the only MaxinumRockNRoll connection.  There was a couple who would come into the retail music store. I found out that the wife was a columnist for MaximumRockNRoll and the husband worked as a cook on the Marine base. They were the customers who gave me tapes  by Husker Du,  Melvins and Jawbox.  They made me aware of a music scene on Okinawa. Grunge was becoming popular and Green Day was still an unknown band.  The bands would have shows at the Kadena USO and Bachelors Enlisted  Quarters on the Kadena Air Base.  One of the most interesting bands playing at the Kadena USO was called  Headcaboose. The band sounded like a mixture of Fugazi and Jawbox, melodic guitars with occasional dissonance coupled with introspective lyrics and a great rhythm section. The aforementioned husband and wife drove me to a show in Ginowan or Urasoe. Several local Okinawan bands played but the highlight was Headcaboose. The band members were people who served in the military and children of people who served in the military.  At the time, the husband was the bassist in Headcaboose. Before the husband joined the band.  Headcaboose  recorded a three song  recording that was released after I left Okinawa. About four years later. I bought a copy from a record store in New England.  Back to the compact disc stores in Okinawa City,  I was introduced to the genre of progressive rock that combined  Classical compositional  and Jazz improvisational ideas to Rock.  I was introduced to Gong, Caravan, Soft Machine, Gentle Giant,  King Crimson , Tony Williams and Mahavishnu Orchestra.  While working at the Army and Air Force Exchange music store, I would talk to customers about music, find out what they liked and disliked. This helped me to find albums to recommend. Another thing that was an interesting talent was that someone could come into the store and hum or a sing a melody-within a few seconds I could tell them the artist and title of the song.  I became so good at my job that I won an award for being the Outstanding associate with a disability for the entire Pacific region which included Japan, Philippines, Guam and Korea.  The recruiter from the University Of Maryland would come into the store and tell me that I should return to the University. Apparently, she had not realized that I moved forward with my life.  The day my family were leaving for the United States from Okinawa. We had no idea where we would be going or doing. The recruiter was there. Instead of wishing me well or giving words of encouragement, she told me  I should go back to college. Because without the education, I would not be a viable part of the workforce. I proved her wrong then and now.